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Pupkewitz Motor Division
Pupkewitz Motor Division

A Legacy of Excellence.

Pupkewitz Motor Division has been proudly and prominently opening showrooms around the country since 1954. An icon in the Namibian motor industry, Pupkewitz Motor Division boasts the best catalogue of quality vehicles and unrivalled service excellence available online or anywhere else right now.

Ekkerd Van Wyk, Managing Director
Ekkerd Van Wyk, Managing Director

"There’s really not much to it… It’s about passion. It’s about belonging."

Ekkerd Van Wyk, Managing Director of Pupkewitz Motor Division alongside Etienne Steenkamp, helps maintain the company towards its focus points: Customers, Employees, Operations and Business Excellence.

“It’s about staying on top in a dynamic industry. 600 employees and we want to be the employer of choice. A valued list of clients and we wish every single one of them to feel like a guest when they enter one of our showrooms.”

Etienne Steenkamp
Etienne Steenkamp

‘Smart Business’, naturally, being the trusted list of brands under Pupkewitz care, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan and GWM

"We have the Pupkewitz family and our beloved family of vehicle brands – the best of two worlds respectively. Together with the best people, our teamwork makes the dream work." – Etienne Steenkamp

Group Vision

Delighting People Is Our Business.

Group Mission

We provide exciting products and services that move people and goods from here to there.

Group Values

  • Honesty, Integrity and Trust: Our world is our bond
  • Reliability: Creating stakeholder (anyone who interacts with us) peace of mind
  • Excellence: Going beyond expectations. Delighting.
  • Caring: Attend to each person as an individual.

Meet the Team

We at Pupkewitz Motor Division pride ourselves to give you the best service possible and keep our clients happy. If you ever wanted to know who we are, look no further, our staff is really excited to get to know you and build up a professional relationship.

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