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Pupkewitz Motor Group is a leading motor group that operates throughout Namibia. We were founded in 1954 and have since become a well-known and respected name in the motoring industry.

We have partnered with leading vehicle brands around the world to bring you the best vehicles possible.

We are striving to become Namibia’s preferred motoring company and we aim to better the lives of our clients through the vehicles they drive off in. our service and commitment are second to none and we endeavour to become the best in the industry.

We follow the principles of DRIVE here at Pupkewitz Motors:

Dedication: Our team is committed to caring for our clients, our reputation and the environment.

Reliability: We endeavour to create peace of mind for all our shareholders.

Integrity: Our word is gold and we always stand by what we say.

Visionary: Our goal is to move forward and focus on the future, but we are also invested in the present.

Excellence: We operate with the well-being of our clients in mind and we are committed to excellent service.

Meet Our Pupkewitz Motor Division Windhoek Team

Mr Anton Westraadt - Managing Director- Pupkewitz Motor Division
Pupkewitz Motors | Windhoek
Mr Ettiene Steenkamp - Franchise Director - Pupkewitz Motor Division
Pupkewitz Motors | Windhoek
Nico Pieters - Franchise Director - Pupkewitz Motor Division
Pupkewitz Motors | Windhoek
Joseph Khaiseb - Human Resource Manager - Pupkewitz Motor Division
veruschka de la harpe | Pupkewitz Motors
Veruschka De La Harpe - Head of Marketing - Pupkewitz Motor Division