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Pupkewitz Motors is a leading motor group that operates throughout Namibia. We were founded in 1954 and have since become a well-known and respected name in the motoring industry.

We have partnered with leading vehicle brands around the world to bring you the best vehicles possible.

We are striving to become Namibia’s preferred motoring company and we aim to better the lives of our clients through the vehicles they drive off in. our service and commitment are second to none and we endeavour to become the best in the industry.

Our Values:

Inclusion: We all belong

Excellence: We consistently strive to be best-in-class

Integrity: We always do the right thing - even when no one is looking

Innovation: There is always a better way

Collaboration: Together we do better

Respect: We treat others the way we want to be treated

Customer Centricity: The customer always comes first

Pupkewitz Motors Values

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