Charmaine Indongo is a highly accomplished professional and MBA candidate, currently serving as the Head of Marketing at Pupkewitz Motors. With a bachelor’s degree in business and a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Cape Town, Charmaine brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to her role and the organization as a whole.

Throughout her 17-year career, Charmaine has showcased extraordinary success, spending 13 years in the downstream petroleum industry, and contributing significantly to the positioning of market-leading brands in the corporate landscape. Her versatile expertise spans executive leadership roles in Retail & Marketing, demonstrating a results-driven approach and a commitment to excellence.

Charmaine's journey at Pupkewitz Motors involves spearheading strategic marketing efforts as an integral part of the Exco team. Her role includes driving visionary marketing strategies, aligning plans with various OEM partners, and harmonizing brand identities to boost market presence and lead marketing teams to success.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Charmaine indulges in hobbies such as art, creativity, travel, and farming, displaying her well-rounded perspective. She emphasizes the importance of organizational values, culture, and the need for new challenges.

Charmaine envisions a future marked by continuous achievement, learning, and inspiration. Her goal at Pupkewitz Motors is to elevate and navigate the intersection of strategy, creativity, and innovation, driving unparalleled success in the complex market and contributing to the company's vision for sustained growth and excellence.