Etienne Steenkamp is the Franchise Director for Pupkewitz Toyota, Hino and AFC at Pupkewitz Motors. With a strong educational background, including a B Comm, Diploma in Higher Education, and MBA from the University of Pretoria, Etienne brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his role. He has held significant positions throughout his career, including five years as the Head of Organisational Development at IMLTL and a decade as the Managing Director of Namibia Dairies. For the past 18 years, he has been an integral part of Pupkewitz Motors, initially as a Dealer Principal and now as the Franchise Director.

Etienne's contributions to Pupkewitz Motors are noteworthy. With 18 years of experience in the motor trade, he has played a pivotal role in the organization's growth and success. His areas of expertise include management and leadership, manufacturing, trading, retail, and training facilitation. Etienne holds professional certifications and memberships with the Institute of Personnel Management, Kepner Tregoe Analytical Trouble Shooter, and NHP Trustee.

Outside of work, Etienne enjoys tennis, sports, and staying updated on automotive developments. His vision and goals for Pupkewitz Motors revolve around the concept of "Mobility for All," ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Pupkewitz Toyota's unique selling proposition lies in its legacy, commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive Toyota expertise, adoption of Toyota business processes, unmatched product quality, superior aftersales support, and nurturing of relationships.

Etienne Steenkamp's dedication, expertise, and passion for the automotive industry make him an invaluable asset to Pupkewitz Motors and its customers.