Pupkewitz Motors

Delighting People Through Mobility

Welcome to Pupkewitz Motors — Namibia’s most prominent supplier of world-class vehicles and automotive service. With multiple dealerships spread throughout the country, we bring the best vehicles to Namibians every day. We’re driven by passion, welcome to the journey.

Our legacy

Pupkewitz Motors has been a firm fixture of the Namibian automotive landscape since 1954. The PUPKEWITZ Group of Companies’ roots run deep in our beautiful country Namibia, with over a century of experience and a culture of service excellence.

The Group is uniquely positioned by its diverse and decentralised business outlets, covering various retail segments nationwide through its five well established divisions PUPKEWITZ Megabuild, PUPKEWITZ Motors, PUPKEWITZ Megatech, Kaap Agri Namibia and PUPKEWITZ Catering Supplies. All these Divisions operate under the wing of PUPKEWITZ Holdings, founded on the ethos of Customer Satisfaction Through Service Excellence. The PUPKEWITZ Foundation, focusing on Corporate Social Investment has touched the lives of over a million Namibians in need through close alignment with the Harambee Prosperity Plan and the National Development Plans. Mrs Meryl Barry as the CEO and driver behind the PUPKEWITZ Foundation works tirelessly with her team in pursuit of poverty eradication, supporting education and various initiatives in early childhood development, culture, sports and health to name a few.

The Group cultivates a strong culture of business and family, and strategically plans to double the business over the next 5-7 years in order to assist unemployment and to create career opportunities for the more than 1800 employees. As a market leader, the Group continues to promote innovation, inspiring new entrepreneurial concepts and ideas, in order to be responsive to an ever-changing market, changing customers’ needs and create a better future for all Namibians. The number one Unifying Principle of the Group is commitment to people development. However, the Group acknowledges the role of all stakeholders and assumes the responsibility to be accountable to all.

Our Vision

To be Namibia's preferred automotive company.

Our Mission

To enrich lives through mobility.

Our Core Values

Dedication - we commit to Care for People, our Brand and Environment

Reliability - we create Stakeholder Peace of Mind

Integrity - our Word is our Bond

Visionary - we inspire to Move Beyond

Excellence - we delight our Clients by Doing Things Right

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