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ES 250 EX From N$ 719 900

Lexus ES

Let us introduce you to the most luxurious sedan in its class. The Lexus ES is an elegantly designed choice that offers so much more.

Sheer luxury

As you slip into the ergonomic cockpit and place your hands on the leather-covered steering wheel of the Lexus ES, you will feel the luxury envelope you. The lacquered inlay and classy centre console are designed to be used with ease, comfort and safety. The remote touch controller and dual zone air conditioning take this vehicle into the new age of driving. At Pupkewitz Lexus we are proud to offer this stylish option to our valued clients.

Eco-conscious choice

With environmental consciousness at the forefront of their minds, the designers of this modern vehicle have used a combination of factors including a lightweight engine and lightweight construction, low resistance tyres and an aerodynamic design to create this eco dream car. All of these factors result in reduced fuel consumption and low emissions.

Comfort and safety

A drive in the Lexus ES will feel luxurious and safe. The passengers in the rear will appreciate the abundant leg room created by the longer wheelbase. Numerous safety features will ensure that the driver and passengers rest easy and enjoy the ride.

We look forward to helping you make the stylish choice after taking this beauty for a test drive.

    White Quartz
    Graphite Black
    Morello Red
    Opulent Blue
    Olive Green