About Us

Pupkewitz Motors is a solid, well-known brand name in the motor industry throughout Namibia. An impressive 21 outlets and service centres across the country supply the public with a dizzying range of vehicle brands. We proudly present the luxurious and varied Lexus brand, which is sure to cater to our clients’ every need when choosing a new vehicle. We look forward to introducing the exciting range of new Lexus vehicles to our market.

Pupkewitz beginnings

As many years back as 1904, a brave young entrepreneur called Max Pupkewitz started a wagon building works in Okahandja, Namibia. From these humble beginnings a solid group of companies was built up and continued to flourish in the care of the next generation, with Harold Pupkewitz at the helm. Today this company is a trusted brand name in a variety of retail operations.

A family group

The Pupkewitz Group is proudly invested in its motor industry arm, Pupkewitz Motors. The holding company imparts its strong ethos of family values into the many branches and as a result, Pupkewitz Motors has shown pleasing growth as it gains a reputation for honest dealings and a strong work ethic.