Pupkewitz Toyota Co-Sponsors vehicle for Cancer Association of Namibia- CHICA Bear Campaign

Every week, at least 5 Namibian families hear the diagnoses that their child has cancer. Paediatric Oncology remains one of the greatest challenges, because identification, early diagnosis and treatment is difficult and very emotionally taxing on families.

On Wednesday 13 September 2022,Pupkewitz Toyota handed over a co-sponsored Yellow Toyota Agya to The Cancer Associationthat is symbolic of paediatric oncology awareness(yellow and gold for childhood cancer awareness) “I am hopeful that this car will become a symbol of realisation, hope and encourage support from our public, to read up on childhood cancers, to ask the relevant questions, and also offer support to CAN, as they see “Little CHICA” zipping through town” said Rolf Hansen ,CEO of Cancer Association of Namibia.

To address some of these challenges, CAN has over the last decade focussed its energy on the establishment of the CHICA (Children fighting cancer in Namibia) programme. Aimed at not only creating awareness that children get cancer too, but also education on the types of cancers mostly affecting children of all ages, and where to seek help, has been the core of its business. “In 2017, in addition to the CHICA Financial Assistance Programme, we established the CHICA Interim Home, providing accommodation and meals to the childhood cancer patient and parent while undergoing treatment in Windhoek. We believe that a safe, homely and holistically supporting environment plays a critical role in boosting the patient and family morale during the treatment plan.” Says Mr Rolf Hansen Chief Executive Officer of the CAN.

Marketing Head for Pupkewitz Motors, Ms Veruschka de la Harpe on their involvement as a group says;

“Children are the future leaders of tomorrow, it is the responsibility of the Namibian society at large to ensure that we guide and protect all Namibian children alike.Even though we cannot always protect them from all hardships we have a duty to make the world a better place for them, for if we do, we make it a better place for everyone.”

“Pupkewitz Toyota especially understands the importance of child protection as it speaks to the brands cornerstone values of serving the communities we operate in selflessly and that Is why we felt the need to partner with the CAN on this project.” Says Mr Etienne Steenkamp Franchise Director of Pupkewitz Toyota.

For more information contact the CAN at www.can.org.na or www.pupkewitzmotors.com.na

Contact: Veruschka de la Harpe

Head of Marketing

061 2916900