• 1.5 Xs Hatch
    Toyota Etios

    1.5 Xs Hatch

    starting from N$ 175,823.00

    The Etios is a favourite in our Toyota family. It’s not just value for money, but is also guaranteed to make you smile. Now if you’re wondering how such warm feelings can be felt for a vehicle, read on and you too will catch on to all the joy this amazing smile-mobile brings.

    Spread those good feelings wherever you go with the Etios that comes in both a Hatchback and a Sedan. While the Hatchback and Sedan are both perfect for families, they also have different but great attributes. The Hatchback is perfect for zipping around town and the Sedan has the largest boot space in its class. The Etios has loads more of everything you’re looking for – loads more looks, loads more safety, loads more power and loads more space – for less.

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