Best-selling car brands in South Africa

Once again, Toyota was South Africa’s best-selling car brand in August 2022 enjoying a 23.5% market share.

Following the re-opening of its Durban factory, the manufacturer has pulled ahead by a huge margin with its 11,138 reported sales from last month being a whopping 4,445 more than second place, which goes to VW.

A gradual recovery

Overall new vehicle sales in the country continued the gradual recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, the 47,420 cars sold in August 2022 reflecting a 5,887-unit, or 14.2%, increase in sales when compared to the same month in 2021.

Out of these deals, an estimated 86.2% represented sales to dealerships, 8.3% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry, 4.3% represented sales to industry corporate fleets, and 1.2% represented sales to the government.

In terms of passenger cars, the 31,269 models sold last month registered a gain of 14.6% year on year, whereas light-commercial vehicle sales including bakkies and mini-buses accounted for 13,281 units, a jump of 13.1%.

Sales for medium and heavy truck segments in August 2022 continued with a mixed performance.

At 715 and 2,155 units, respectively, these segments showed a decline of 0.4% in the case of medium commercial vehicles and a gain of 20.2% in the case of heavy commercial vehicles when compared to August 2021.

On the export side of things, the local manufacturing industry reported a stellar performance for the month.

A total of 28,662 vehicles were sent to markets outside of South Africa’s borders throughout August, a gain of 57%. As a result, the year-to-date vehicle exports for 2022 are now 5.8% ahead of the corresponding period in 2021.

“The new vehicle market remained resilient despite increasingly tough economic conditions via elevated inflation and the upward trend in interest rates which are eroding households’ spending power and present an affordability challenge to consumers,” said Naamsa.

“The pace of steady growth being experienced in the market is expected to slow down for the balance of the year.”

Detailed below are the best-selling car brands in South Africa for August 2022, according to Naamsa.

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