Avanza Panel Van From N$ 273 400

Model Range

Avanza 1.3 PV S From N$ 273 400

Avanza Commercial

With the style of a sedan with all the storage space you could possibly need, the Toyota Panel Van is a must have for any business’ fleet.

Effortless performance and design

Comfortable seating for both a passenger and driver along with the straightforward design of the cabin will make driving the Avanza Panel Van easy to do.

Thoughtful features for a modern business

Able to load over half a tonne of goods comfortably and furnished with a high-quality cargo barrier net, the Avanza Panel Van ensures that none of your cargo loads are damaged in transit. The inclusion of ABS and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) guarantees that transporting those goods in the Avanza Panel Van is easy and safe to do. The immobiliser and central locking system will keep your goods safe and Toyota’s light remind warning system means that your vehicle’s battery won’t run out because you left the lights on.​​

Do business in style

The exterior of the Avanza Panel Van brings together function and form using stylish lines to elegantly conceal the large rear storage area. Imposing rims in combination with a bold grille convey the Avanza Panel Van’s hard-working, no-nonsense attitude.​​

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