NP200 From N$ 239 900

Model Range

    1.6V Base + Safety N$ 239 900
    1.6 8V Base + AC Safety N$ 259 900

    Nissan NP200

    The all-new Nissan NP200 is purebred durability, practicality and utility. Adding to a line of class-leading Nissans, the NP200 is ready to handle any payload.

    Spacious design

    The NP200 is proudly offers the most cabin space in its class, with an impressive 300 extra litres of space behind the seats. Convenience is key; drinks holders, a CD/MP3 player and air-conditioning leave you driving in absolute comfort. It may be a light commercial vehicle, but Nissan NP200 is doing big things.

    Performance front and back

    An NP200 has a choice of three engines. The standard 1.5 litre turbodiesel engine is incredibly efficient at just 5.3 litres per 100km. This means more use at less cost. A leaf spring in the rear suspension is the norm but the NP200 goes one better. A coil spring, H-shaped torsion bar gives you a ride that handles the largest payloads in its class at 800kg with ease.

    Safety all-round

    Safety is key when driving in the hustle and bustle. The NP200 takes care of you and your workforce with dual airbags, an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and an engine immobiliser anti-theft system. An optional cab protector roll bar not only protects you, but gives you the ability to tie down in more ways than one.

    The NP200 is your first choice for a versatile light commercial vehicle that’s not afraid of hard work.

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