GT-R From N$2 554 000

Model Range

    Black Edition N$2 554 000
    Premium Edition N$2 435 000


    The new Nissan GT-R is poised for racing perfection.

    Daring, brilliant design

    A redesigned front end and rear fascia are just a few of the perfect new touches on the GT-R. An iconic exterior uses aerodynamic innovation along with unparalleled style to produce an body ready for the racetrack. Inside you’ll find luxurious craftsmanship. A cockpit designed to connect the driver promotes ultimate control and quality finishes ensure comfort along with performance.

    Exhilarating performance

    The GT-R is precise engineering personified. A VR38 twin-turbocharged 3.8 litre V6 engine growls as you start the engine. The unique layout of the transmission with transfer case in the rear is a world first. The GT-R features All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) with an independent rear transaxle. With a top speed of 315km/h, all you really need to know is that the GT-R is built to perform.

    Features fit for royalty

    A titanium exhaust noise control button allows you to adjust the sound from the exhaust. Use it in conjunction with the 11-speaker Bose sound system with Bluetooth integration. Connected through the multimedia display, you’ll have as much control over your entertainment as the GT-R has over the road.

    For excitement, precision and the very best in performance build, the GT-R takes no prisoners.

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