What to Bring on a Road Trip: Basic Must - Haves

Road Trip Packing List Essentials

First, every successful road trip includes a paper map like this.

Smartphone apps like Google Maps and Maps.me are great, but when you lose service in remote places, the ability to get step-by-step directions disappears, too. Absolutely use the apps, but have a paper map, too.

Get a map with roads, landmarks, and information for an entire region instead of just 1 area. It’s perfect for those spontaneous whims along the way!

Second, it’s important to bring a First Aid Kit.

Road Trip Essentials

Besides these road trip basics and whether your trip is long or short, solo or as a family, you’ll want to also have these things in the car.

Car Phone Charger

Power Inverter…with AC outlets and USB ports

Hands-Free Phone Mount…safety + easy to see Google Maps for navigation

Portable Charger

Garbage Bag…or a car garbage bin that doesn’t just collect trash

Roll of Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizer


Body/Baby Wipes