ROSSLYN, South Africa (November, 5 2020) Nissan today unveiled the new Nissan Navara pickup*, that delivers an enhanced level of safety, comfort and driving pleasure, while continuing to bring durability, reliability and versatility.

The pickup, known as the Nissan Frontier in Mexico and South America, marks another milestone in the company’s Nissan NEXT transformation plan.

“For the first time in history - the full model line-up of the next generation Navara will be produced on home soil, made in Africa for Africans. I am immensely proud that we have overcome adversity and the effects of Covid to reach this milestone and bring this amazing pickup to our plant in Rosslyn. With this major 3 Bn Rand investment, Nissan is continuing to actively pursue the Nissan NEXT transformation plan in Africa, and this vehicle embodies our passion for excellence and our commitment to bring the very best products to our customers.” said Shinkichi Izumi, Managing Director, Nissan South Africa and Sub Sahara Africa.

Over the many decades since the first Nissan pickup hit the road, the Navara has continued to accompany and empower customers in many facets of their lives.

Building on more than 80 years of Nissan pickup heritage, it stays true to the company’s belief in bringing advanced technologies to as many customers as possible.

A reliable partner for work or travel, the new Navara comes with many best-in-class technologies, including an array of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features and safety systems, making it the most advanced Navara yet.

“We packaged the new model with a full set of advanced technologies to ensure enhanced dynamic performance on- and off-road, as well as safety and comfort ushering in a new age of toughness, tech, and peace of mind,” said Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer. “For our customers it means confidence, driving pleasure, practicality and pride of ownership.”


The award-winning Navara now becomes ruggedly bolder and more exciting with a host of new upgrades to both design and technology, creating an exhilarating experience for customers across the world. The Navara is renowned for its tough looks, robust capabilities; reliability and versatility, making it one of the most respected and anticipated models across the brand’s line-up in many regions.

Since its introduction in 1985, the Navara nameplate has conquered extreme locations from the dunes of the Sahara Desert and the jungles of Thailand to the mining areas of Chile in South America located at 4,000 meters above sea level. The pickup’s tough body-on-frame construction allows it to tackle difficult on- and off-road conditions, giving drivers greater freedom to go anywhere with confidence. It is a reliable partner for customers to go on adventurous journeys, perform labor-intensive jobs, and take on any terrain.

The Navara now comes with a more extroverted and athletic design, a quieter and more comfortable interior, as well as suspension tuning to enhance its on- and off-road dynamic driving performance. The pickup also features an increased payload capacity, with the Navara one-ton pickup now delivering best-in-class payload capacity up to 1.2 tons.

Juxtaposing the pickup’s tough character is a significant upgrade in equipment supported by a suite of advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies. These upgrades prioritize convenience and safety for customers’ peace of mind, without compromising the vehicle’s excellent driving performance, substantial towing capability, durability and overall reliability.

Further elevating the pickup’s rugged character is the introduction of the PRO-4X grade – a first for the Navara nameplate. PRO-4X offers an even more impressive, eye-catching style to appeal to extreme adventure lovers who crave an escape from the daily routine. The new look of PRO-4X grade will be available across global Nissan pickup line-up.

New rugged design, enhanced interior comfort

The new vehicle utilises its frame-vehicles ‘unbreakable’ design language and introduces a new ruggedly bold, stylish exterior made for extreme elements; living up to the promise of durability and versatility the model has long delivered.

“While pickup customers want their new car to look fresh and impressive, they do not let us sacrifice functionality in the name of style,” explained Ken Lee, Senior Design Director for pickups and frame SUVs. “Equipped with the latest advanced technologies the new model features a very recognisable, iconic look, but it is now more imposing in nature with its high command structure, new interlocking frame grille and new high-tech, squared C-shaped headlamps.”

The Navara’s front fascia has been renewed to be unique and easily recognisable. It carries the new “interlock” grille - a unique feature found exclusively on the Nissan pickup family and first introduced on the latest Nissan Titan - creating a powerful front face for the vehicle. Thicker and vertical in shape, the interlocking frame grille gives the impression that it is coming out and grabbing the engine. This further enforces the vehicle’s boldness and strength, while underlining its “Go Anywhere” capabilities.

Further highlighting the pickup’s imposing rugged stance and tough image is the model name proudly embossed on top of the front grille and across the full width of the bed door in the rear. The font of the model name was also updated to create a stronger look.

The Navara features a segment-first all-new, high-tech C-shaped quad LED projector headlamps, increasing brightness and adding a level of sophistication to the rugged design. The outline of the new LED headlamps has an energetic gesture, while each of the four distinctive projector units have their own intricate bezel shape. Thanks to the new front styling, the new Navara is unique while providing an overall impression that is distinctly Nissan, even from a distance. At the back, seamless signature LED tail lamps with bright chrome detail in between provide an impressive appearance. This increased brightness creates another layer of safety for customers driving in nighttime.

For added convenience, the pickup is equipped with a new rear bumper step for ease of access and use. New side step finishers also contribute to better aerodynamic performance, decreasing wind noise and improving fuel efficiency.

Inside, the new Navara features a significantly improved quietness, thanks to the increased amounts of sound deadening insulation and laminated windshield and front windows, further reducing the stress for both driver and passenger. Additionally, the pickup’s front is now more convenient and driver-oriented. This includes a new Nissan steering wheel and improved styling of the instrument panel highlighting the 8-inch navigation screen and a 7-inch higher resolution TFT screen.

The rear seats are now even more comfortable for passengers, with upgrades to the seat cushions and back shapes. For added convenience, passengers in the back can also now utilise the new rear armrest with built-in cup holders to store beverages or smartphones.

The newly introduced PRO-4X grade comes with its own distinctive, athletic look with a black Nissan emblem, a black front bumper and black grille, door handles, roof racks and running boards accented by 17-inch black wheels and all terrain tires. The PRO-4X takes the design up another notch with lively, orange-red accents, a tint inspired by the color of magma, contrasted with the dark grill, wheels, and mirror caps.

The PRO-4X line also uses a signature orange-red color for the Nissan wordmark on the black emblem, as well as other orange-red accents inside and outside the car.

The new Nissan Navara will be available in eight exterior colors, with two new colors (Orange Brown and a new shade of gray, developed for the PRO-4X grade) available in all markets with light gray, gray and black fabric or leather interior (options will vary by market).

A new age of toughness, tech and peace of mind

The new model returns with best-in-class technology through Nissan Intelligent Mobility, making it the most advanced Navara ever. These technologies create a 360-degree safety shield for the vehicle, helping protect the driver and passengers from potential risks and delivering peace of mind. The integration of these technologies provides superior levels of comfort, safety, and convenience, enabling customers to feel confident in using their vehicle for both work and play.

Among these systems is Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, which monitors two vehicles ahead as well as the vehicle directly in front to reduce the risk of multi-car accidents. Intelligent Emergency Braking, which is designed to brake to avoid collisions, reduces the stress of driving in traffic or on busy streets.

During long road trips or after a hard day on the job, driving safety and convenience become more important than ever and have been enhanced through a number of features in the pickup. These include Intelligent Driver Alertness, which prompts drivers to take breaks through visual and gives audible alerts when changes in driving style or steering behavior are detected.

This is further supported by Lane Departure Warning, which warns drivers if they begin to stray outside of their lane without signaling, while Intelligent Lane Intervention works to bring the vehicle back to the center of the lane if the movement continues. For an added boost of confidence, drivers can count on Blind Spot Warning to help avoid running into other vehicles caught in their blind spot.

Adding to the pickup’s safety is Intelligent Around View Monitor (Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection), which uses four mounted cameras to help drivers notice people and cars surrounding and approaching the vehicle. This enables easier maneuvering when performing tasks such as parallel parking and positioning of the vehicle during trailer hitching. For the first time the system also features an off-road monitor, made to confirm surrounding obstacles at low speeds when in four-wheel drive, empowering enthusiasts to take on the toughest terrains with confidence.

Finally, Rear Cross Traffic Alert reduces the stress that comes with limited visibility when backing out of a parking spot. The function monitors the rear of the vehicle and warning the driver if another vehicle or object is approaching from either side.

To meet the increasing needs of connected lifestyles, the pickup is now equipped with a new Nissan Connect infotainment system.

This system allows customers to seamlessly connect their smartphone to the pickup and enable convenient features such as Bluetooth streaming audio, voice recognition, and navigation.

Further enhancing the convenience for both drivers and passengers, the Navara now has multiple USB ports throughout the vehicle to charge devices and ensure continued connectivity, even on longer journeys. As a response to customer feedback, the new pickup now carries a generation USB Port (Type C) in the console, which can support the charging of multiple devices.

The pickup also carries new automatic safety and convenience features such as a rain-sensing wiper with wiping speed adjustment, letting the driver keep both hands on the wheel without having to worry about decreased visibility, and a speed-sensing door lock that switches on as soon as vehicle speed exceeds 25 km/h for enhanced security.

The Navara is also equipped auto-folding mirror for smarter parking and serving as an easily visible reminder of when the vehicle is locked or unlocked.

Improved pickup functionality

The DNA of the Nissan Navara remains with carried-over powertrain options coupled with specially tuned suspension and new pickup features that add usability and versatility.

A strengthened rear axle and additional truck bed volume (depending on region) make the vehicle the ultimate worksite partner, ready to take on more challenges while still offering optimal room and comfort. An integrated step in the new rear bumper makes bed access easier and reduces fatigue caused by repeated loading and unloading. Additionally, the bed is equipped with a flap-type, tie-down hook to secure both large and small objects, making it easier for loading and unloading without interference.

For pickup customers, one of the most essential qualities is payload, and Nissan’s engineers worked hard to increase it, delivering segment-leading capacity comparable to that of 1.2-ton rivals.

When in four-wheel drive mode, the Navara activates its Active Brake Limited Slip Differential system (ABLS), which manages power delivery and wheel braking between the front and rear axles and between the left and right of the vehicle, depending on traction and speed.

Working with the Vehicle Dynamic Control system (VDC) and ABS brakes, this system enables drivers to be more confident and feel secure when towing large payloads and driving through muddy terrain with less acceleration and brake operation.

The Trailer Sway Control system helps the vehicle to maintain stability on the road when towing a trailer.

Initial production of the new Nissan Navara will start in Thailand and Frontier in Mexico. Production of the new Navara will later start in the Nissan plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, South Africa for launch in both South Africa and Sub Sahara Africa.