Pupkewitz Motors sponsors four safety watch vehicles to save lives

Pupkewitz Motors as part of the Pupkewitz Holdings group believes in being responsible in how they do business therefore ensuring a better December for all by sponsoring four safety watch vehicles.

On 16 November 2022, Pupkewitz Motors handed over four safety watch vehicles including a BMW X1, GWM Steed 5, Toyota Urban Cruiser and a Nissan Magnite to Event Medical Services. These vehicles will be equipped with a medical kit, roadside assistance kit, accident scene clean up kit and a qualified medic on board during the festive season.

The Erongo Region has recorded 2616 road accidents between January and November 2022, with 4437 injuries and 386 fatalities, therefore labelling it a high-risk accident region. Due to the worrisome statistics, Pupkewitz Motors’ safety watch vehicles including medical response vehicles will be stationed at four points throughout the Wilhelmsdal and Arandis area and an ambulance will be stationed in Usakos. Vehicle drivers may stop at any of the points to have their vital signs checked, get water and road safety tips, or take a short break.

“Pupkewitz Motors wants to ensure that our roads lead us to our destinations safely this festive season. The safety and preservation of travellers’ lives during the festive season is of paramount importance to us. This campaign allows us, alongside our partners, to be a part of driving the necessary awareness of road and vehicle safety, in an effort that will hopefully see less accidents and fatalities on Namibian roads over this period.” Pupkewitz Motors’ Head of Marketing: Veruschka de la Harpe says.

The safety watch vehicles will respond to accidents in their reach to assist with treatment of injuries and cleaning up the roads. In addition, providing assistance to the public in case of a flat tire, battery dying, or any other type of roadside assistance needed.

"This festive season we will be able to have 4 additional Safety Watch Vehicles on the road, thank you to Pupkewitz Motors and their associated brands for the generous sponsorship. This sponsorship will allow paramedics to get to an accident scene within the campaign area fast and safe, minimizing the response, treating and reporting times." Jay-Marshall, the Assistant Projects Manager and Communications Officer of Event Medical Services says.

For any questions, please contact our marketing department on 061 291 6900.