Navigating the Automotive Journey: A Testament to Passion, Leadership, and Excellence

Windhoek, Namibia – April 10, 2024

In the fast-paced world of automotive sales and management, every journey is a story of ambition, challenges, and strategic decisions. For Jaco Barnard, National Sales Manager for Pupkewitz Toyota, this journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, marked by significant milestones, enduring lessons, and unwavering dedication.

Jaco's automotive journey commenced in 2004 at AMH Motors, where he embarked on his career as a junior sales consultant. It was here that he first tasted the excitement of the automotive industry and laid the groundwork for what would become a remarkable journey.

Transitioning to Select Cars and Subaru Namibia in 2007 under the guidance of Mr Willem Hugo, Jaco encountered pivotal challenges that shaped his trajectory. Managing Subaru vehicle sales and aftersales services honed his sales acumen and deepened his understanding of customer service dynamics within the automotive realm.

The turning point arrived in late 2013, when an unexpected coffee meeting led to an interview for the Dealer Principal position at Pupkewitz Honda. Embracing this opportunity in January 2014, Jaco stepped into a leadership role, spearheading initiatives that fuelled business growth and cultivated a culture of excellence.

In 2016, driven by a vision for long-term success and aligned with global excellence, Jaco made a strategic shift to Pupkewitz Toyota as Sales Manager. Despite the challenges inherent in such transitions, his focus remained steadfast, propelling him towards personal and professional growth.

In March, Jaco was honoured to receive the prestigious Toyota Knight of the Year award, marking his second consecutive year as a Toyota Knight and achieving the remarkable status of 2nd runner-up among all dealers in Southern Africa. This award stands as a testament to his dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Central to Jaco's leadership philosophy is a steadfast commitment to internal customer service, prioritizing the needs of his team members to foster a supportive and motivated work environment. He emphasizes personal growth, continuous improvement, and customer-centricity as pillars of success, driving performance while upholding integrity and passion.

Jaco reflects on his journey, "As I look back on my journey, I'm dedicated to leading with integrity, passion, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. My story is a source of inspiration for young professionals in the automotive industry, emphasizing the importance of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Success in this dynamic landscape isn't merely about achieving milestones; it's about the lasting impact we make along the way.”

jaco barnard