Pupkewitz Motors Joins Forces with Women in Media to Empower San Learners through Tsumkwe Outreach: Bridging Educational Gaps and Fostering Inclusivity

Pupkewitz Motors, driven by a commitment to address the unique challenges faced by San learners at Tsumkwe Secondary School, partnered with Women in Media (WiM) on a Tsumkwe Outreach focused on providing essential items to San learners.

The Outreach took place on Monday, 15 January 2024, and was preceded by a welcoming braai for the learners living in the hostel at the Tsumkwe Secondary School. The decision to donate school uniforms, sanitary products, toiletries, and schoolbags with stationery was informed by long-term engagements with the school principal Christof Ngavetene and San community leaders.

It was revealed that the lack of school uniforms was a significant barrier to education for San learners, who struggled to afford them. Additionally, addressing hygiene concerns, such as providing under-arm and soap, aimed to boost self-care fostering a conducive learning environment.

This outreach initiative aligns seamlessly with Pupkewitz Motors' core values of community engagement, empowerment, and fostering inclusivity. Pupkewitz Motors, as an organization, is committed to making a positive impact beyond the automotive sector and recognizes its responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities it serves. Collaborating with Women in Media on the Tsumkwe Outreach resonates with the company's dedication to addressing societal challenges and empowering marginalized groups.

The impact of these contributions is expected to go beyond immediate needs, instilling a sense of importance in San children. The initiative seeks to emphasize their right to education, irrespective of financial constraints or the absence of school essentials.

“Our main objective is certainly to boost San children so that they know they matter and that they too have a right to education and most importantly that they have a right to education even if they do not have the school uniform or the money to pay for application forms or school fees. The relationships forged during Women in Media's annual conferences facilitated support, ensuring the success of the outreach initiative." said Jemima Beukes one of WiM co-founders.

Collaboration with organizations like Pupkewitz Motors played a pivotal role in realizing this initiative. Another co-founder of WiM, Limba Mupetami, added that ultimately, initiatives like these contribute to broader goals by fostering inclusivity, empowering marginalized communities, and laying the foundation for more projects of this kind.

“Our vision extends beyond immediate assistance, aiming to create lasting positive impacts on education and well-being within our communities. So let us join hands and assist communities in which we live,” said Mupetami.