Pupkewitz Motors Announces Christine Mboma as Brand Ambassador

Pupkewitz Motors, proudly announced on the 17th of March 2023 that Christine Mboma, the talented sprinter, will be joining as brand ambassador. This exciting partnership marks a significant milestone for both Pupkewitz Motors and Mboma, showcasing our shared commitment to excellence, perseverance, and supporting the Namibian nation.

Under the terms of the two-year contract, Mboma will have the opportunity to drive a vehicle from one of the sub-brands under the Pupkewitz Motors umbrella for a period of three months. Afterward, she will trade it in for another brand, continuing this cycle until the contract concludes. This unique arrangement not only highlights the diverse range of vehicles offered by Pupkewitz Motors but also allows Mboma to experience and promote various models throughout her ambassadorship.

Pupkewitz Motors' decision to partner with Christine Mboma as our brand ambassador reflects our dedication to supporting and promoting Namibian talent. Mboma's remarkable achievements, dedication, and unwavering spirit align perfectly with the core values of Pupkewitz Motors, making her an ideal representative for the company.

Expressing her gratitude for the partnership, Christine Mboma stated, "It is an honor for me to partner with Pupkewitz Motors, a truly Namibian company. As I drive through Namibia with these beautiful vehicles, my hope is that my fellow Namibians will follow their dreams." Her words reflect her deep-rooted connection to her home country and her desire to inspire others to pursue their aspirations.

By collaborating with Christine Mboma, a rising star in the world of athletics, we aim to inspire and motivate individuals across the nation to strive for greatness.

As Christine Mboma embarks on this exciting journey as Pupkewitz Motors' brand ambassador, the nation eagerly anticipates witnessing her accomplishments both on and off the track. Her partnership with Pupkewitz Motors serves as a testament to Pupkewitz Motors' commitment to excellence, innovation, and the promotion of Namibian talent.