Pupkewitz Motors and Pupkewitz Goldwagen: Fostering Inclusion and Collaboration through Community Support

In a heartwarming display of commitment, Pupkewitz Motors and our sub-brand Pupkewitz Goldwagen recently partnered with the Havanna Soup Kitchen to provide essential supplies and support to those in need. On the morning of August 11th, 2023, the handover event took place, where the children's warm welcome through songs and dancing set the tone for a truly impactful collaboration.

One of the key contributions made by Pupkewitz Motors and Pupkewitz Goldwagen was the donation of ink for printers. This resource enables teachers at the Havanna Soup Kitchen to print homework and reports for the children. By ensuring access to educational materials, the companies are actively empowering the teachers and students, fostering a sense of inclusivity and equal opportunities for learning.

Recognizing the importance of proper nutrition, Pupkewitz Motors and Pupkewitz Goldwagen also provided food supplies to cater to daily lunch and breakfast at the Havanna Soup Kitchen. This initiative ensures that individuals and families facing food insecurity have access to nourishing meals, promoting their overall well-being and health. By addressing this fundamental need, the companies demonstrate their commitment to creating a stronger and more resilient community.

At the heart of Pupkewitz Motors and Pupkewitz Goldwagen's philanthropic efforts lies a deep-rooted commitment to inclusion. By supporting the Havanna Soup Kitchen, the companies actively promote inclusivity by ensuring that every child has access to education and every individual has access to nutritious meals. This commitment to inclusivity extends beyond the handover event, as Pupkewitz Motors continues to explore ways to support and uplift marginalized communities.

Visit their website at https://www.havana-soup-kitchen.org/ to learn more about Havanna Soup Kitchen.