Growing Opportunities and Employee Development at Pupkewitz Motors

Pupkewitz Motors has firmly established our legacy on "Customer Satisfaction Through Service Excellence", a philosophy that has garnered a devoted customer base built on trust and respect for the brand. While this customer-centric approach remains at the core of our operations, what truly sets Pupkewitz Motors apart in Namibia’s automobile industry is our unwavering dedication to the growth and well-being of our employees.

In an industry where vulnerabilities abound, Pupkewitz Motors actively prioritizes its employees by offering several career opportunities and robust employee development initiatives to position itself as the preferred motor industry employer in Namibia.

Counteracting Vulnerabilities

The Labour Resource and Research Institute Namibia estimates that 75,044 formal employees within the automobile industry depend on the institutional commitment and capability of law enforcement agencies and employers to take care of their well-being. These factors include good working conditions, fair remuneration packages, and opportunities for development. Ultimately, employees depend solely on these entities to actively protect and advocate for their interests in the workplace.

In establishing personalised training interventions and inclusive work culture, Pupkewitz Motors exemplifies what it means for an industry leader to advocate for the overall well-being of employees.

Career Opportunities

Pupkewitz Motors offers career opportunities in a wide range of roles. “These roles necessitate a diverse range of skills, and Pupkewitz Motors is dedicated to empowering its employees to acquire and excel in them. These skills encompass various domains such as customer service, logistics, technical expertise, sales, finance, administration, and managerial competencies”, explains Joseph Khaiseb, Head of Human Resources.

Ensuring Employee Growth

To foster employee growth and enhance employee skills, Pupkewitz Motors adopts training interventions that are thoughtfully determined through a personalized approach. This process involves using Personal Development Plans (PDPs), conducting thorough training needs analyses to identify areas for improvement and compiling a comprehensive training plan based on the outcomes of those analyses.

“Based on the development intervention that is required, we use local and international training service providers to equip our employees. All our training programmes are accredited and recognized by institutions like Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and Namibia Training Authority (NTA),” explains Khaiseb.

The motor group finds that the best form of learning is through on-the-job training. Pupkewitz Motors has garnered remarkable achievements through experiential learning, focusing on programmes tailored for individuals who have completed secondary school and attained the necessary qualifications.

Notably, the motor group offers the Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS) in collaboration with Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), providing a dual educational programme that leads to a prestigious Diploma in Business Process Management.

Moreover, Pupkewitz Motors offers additional experiential programmes such as Auto-Mechatronics Vocational Skills Development, the Vehicle Sales Traineeship Programme, and the Graduate Training Programme. “We have also embraced blended training methods, combining virtual, online, and in-person formats,” Khaiseb added.

An Inclusive Workplace

Adapting to the times, Pupkewitz Motors embraces technological or ideological shifts that may affect the needs of employees already in the workplace. As an example, the motor group supports employees with the necessary tools to navigate personal work-life challenges.

The brand’s consistency in engaging employees as human beings, and not simply as cogs in a machine, illustrates their earnest quest to empower employees not only for the company’s benefit but also for the value added to the employee’s overall life.

“We not only have an open-door approach but an open-heart approach for all employees to reach out to anyone without fear on any matters relevant to their work, and even personal life where necessary. By continually embedding our company values, we encourage our employees to be engaged and feel that they belong,” Khaiseb noted.

Pupkewitz Motors believes in fostering an inclusive workplace that encompasses various elements, such as offering promotional opportunities, facilitating transfers within different business units and geographical locations, as well as planning for succession in management roles.

These practices create an environment where employee growth knows no bounds, allowing individuals to learn new skills, embrace diverse roles, and unlock their maximum potential.

Success Stories

Numerous employees at Pupkewitz Motors, among our 500+ workforce, have seized these career opportunities with exceptional results. Helena, currently a Parts Warehouse Supervisor, serves as a prime example. She began her journey at the motor group as a Cleaner and progressed through roles such as Picker/Packer, Bin Controller, and Receiving Clerk, ultimately attaining her current position. Similarly, Hedwig transitioned from the position of Creditor's Clerk to that of Finance Manager, showcasing the potential for growth within the company.

Bianca is another success story within the Pupkewitz Motors family. She started as a Sales Executive where she thrived and eventually was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager. Ready for a new challenge, Bianca moved on to become a Sales Manager, her determination and hard work then led her to become an Acting Dealer Principal and later a Dealer Principal.

Similarly, Alinda joined the company in 2018 as a Temporary Receptionist. Within just three months, she proved herself to be a valuable asset and was offered a position as a Receptionist, over time, Alinda's skills and dedication led to her being promoted to Stock Controller and then a Junior Sales Consultant. Her journey showcases the support and opportunities available for employees to climb the career ladder within Pupkewitz Motors.

Chris's career growth within Pupkewitz Motors is also worth mentioning. He started as a Pupkewitz BMW Technician and quickly progressed to become a Pupkewitz BMW Group Technician Team Leader, highlighting his expertise and leadership skills. Seeking new challenges, Chris transitioned to Pupkewitz Toyota and continued to excel as a Technician and eventually became a Technician Team Leader. His drive and passion for the automotive industry eventually led him to the role of Workshop Foreman and then Workshop Technical Manager.

Moreover, in the past year alone, a remarkable 40 employees have been promoted within Pupkewitz Motors, with 22 of them being female, further highlighting the company's commitment to fostering gender diversity and providing equal opportunities for career advancement.

Overall, these employees' career advancements are not only a testament to their own hard work and dedication but also to the support and encouragement provided by Pupkewitz Motors at each stage. The company's commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth and development has enabled these employees to reach their full potential within the organization.

Preparing for the Future

Namibia’s growing automobile industry is tipped to be a key sector in the quest to industrialise Namibia, especially with regard to industrialisation benefits to employment. The anticipated growth of the industry is expected to result in an abundance of career options, endless potentials for professional growth and perhaps even stiffer competition amongst employers to attain the best talent in the automobile industry.

Pupkewitz Motors is proud to have a diverse team of qualified professionals with various areas of study. The employees at Pupkewitz Motors hold qualifications such as Chartered Accountant, Diagnostic Master Technician, Diesel Mechanic N3, BCOM Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Accounting (Hon), CIMA Dip MA, MDP, B Juris & LLB, Post Graduate Digital Marketing, Bachelor of Communication, Bachelor Business Admin (Honours), Bachelor of Human Resource Management, BA Industrial Psychology and Labour Relations and BA Honours in Labour Relations. These qualifications highlight the wide range of skills and expertise required in the motor industry.

In line with our commitment to continuous learning and development, Pupkewitz Motors has provided training opportunities to our employees. Over the past year, 216 employees participated in various training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. By investing in the growth and development of our team, Pupkewitz Motors strives to meet the demands of the evolving automotive industry and continue our goal to be an Employer of Choice in both the automotive industry and the broader Namibian employment landscape.

“Learning and development through upskilling our employees remains our focus and we make significant financial contribution to achieve that purpose. As much as we develop our talent, retaining our key talent is a high priority.” said Khaiseb.