​Car Care Tips​

There are many things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle, as well as to ensure that you are driving safely.

  • Drive sensibly

This means avoiding extreme speed and accelerating quickly, especially when it is very hot or cold outside. Let the car warm up properly by accelerating slowly when you first begin to drive. The most wear to an engine happens in the first ten to twenty minutes of driving.

  • Keep a log

Note down how much you fill up and your mileage. If you see your fuel consumption increasing, then talk to your service advisor.

  • Fix any nicks and scratches quickly.

The longer you leave them the more chance rust has to form.

  • Get small windshield chips sorted out by us when they happen.

It’s much cheaper than having to buy a new windshield when it turns into a bigger crack.

  • Keep your tyres properly pumped up.

It is dangerous to drive on under-inflated tyres and having them correctly inflated it will improve consumption.

  • Wax your car to protect its paint job for longer.
  • Have regular services.

This way any issues will be picked up quickly and repaired before they become too expensive.

  • Change your oil frequently and use good quality oil.

This will ensure your engine is kept clean and well lubricated to prolong its life.

  • Ensure that you change your spark plugs at service intervals.
  • Don't try to force a dead battery to start.

If you have tried it a couple of times (and given it a few minutes break in between tries), then rather take the option to be towed. If you keep trying you can damage the starter motor.