Febi Braking Parts

When Every Centimetre Counts, Choose febi Braking Parts.

If one thing is for certain, febi understands the value of consistent quality that you can count on. Their braking range is composed of only the best OE-matching quality products to provide you with stopping power of the highest calibre in all the driving conditions you could imagine.

A Wide and Impressive Range

Thanks to an extensive range of over 2,750 components for popular vehicle applications, you can rest assured that they can find exactly what they are looking for when they are on the lookout for exceptional braking parts for popular European brands. From brake discs and pads to drums, shoes and master cylinders, you can find them all in one place with ease.

High-Quality Comes Standard

febi’s Quality Management department goes over and above to deliver on customer satisfaction by putting all their braking components through rigorous tests to meet the highest standards. As if that wasn’t enough, febi braking parts also come with a generous 3-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee for added value.

Committed to Braking Innovation

From the year 2000 onwards, febi has been able to provide high-quality braking parts for 98% of popular European passenger car models. To meet and exceed customer expectations, they also ensure that the parts they supply are up to date with the newest models being manufactured today.

This kind of commitment and febi’s focus on providing the perfect balance between performance, driving comfort and longevity makes them your go-to providers for brilliant braking power.

Discover the febi difference.