S1000 R N$ 233 500

S1000 R

Since 2014, the BMW S1000 R has been turning heads with its distinctive look and unparalleled performance.

Designed to impress

Its angular and serious shape hints at the powerful capabilities that make the S1000 R an exhilarating experience to ride.

Powerful functionality

The liquid-cooled four-stroke engine of the S1000 R is able to deliver exciting performance every time you twist the throttle. Its constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox comes with an anti-hopping clutch system to give you smooth gear changes every time you take it out. The S1000 R also comes with ABS and Automatic Stability Control (ASC), which can be turned on and off depending on conditions and your requirements.

The best of the best

When it comes to quality, the BMW S1000 R stands out as a reliable and class-leading motorcycle that will give you many kilometres and years of satisfaction.

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