i8 Roadster From N$ 2 542 900

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i8 Roadster From N$ 2 542 900

i8 Roadster

Ground-breaking, environmentally-conscious and performance-minded, the i8 Roadster is the future of driving.

Dynamic design

Meaner than mean, the all-new i8 Roadster is a concept electric car that will astound you every time you get inside. It has a sporty and powerful exterior that clearly means business, with aerodynamic curves and lines that make this car one of a kind.

Trendsetter, trailblazer

As soon as you get behind the wheel you’ll notice a premium interior that makes the i8 Roadster all the more attractive. A chic, modern cabin is just part of the package when you purchase an i8 Roadster. The Electronic fabric roof can open or close in 15 seconds and there is even 100 litres of load space behind the chairs for baggage and other items.

Thinking outside the box

Once you close the elegant butterfly doors and turn on the engine, you’ll have 275kW of power available to command. The performance capabilities of the i8 Roadster make it impressive to drive and you can further customise each trip by choosing between the different driving modes. With a straightforward charging system and a range of 57kms without using petrol, you’ll be able to comfortably take the i8 Roadster out for a weekend drive without any hassles.

For a truly unique vehicle, try out the all-new i8 Roadster today.

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