Polo Sedan From N$265 800

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    Polo Sedan

    Polo Sedan Trendline

    From N$265.800
    Polo Sedan

    Polo Sedan Comfortline

    From N$290.200

    The Polo Sedan

    With Polo models to adapt to your every need: presenting the Sedan.

    Polo Sedan

    Intelligence is key

    In this age of information and technology you can’t hope to compete without the cutting-edge in computing power. The Polo Sedan does not simply compete, it dominates. With the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) you’ll never understeer, oversteer or lose stability. Further automate your ride with cruise control to regulate the advanced TDI engine, with a manual five gear setup for the driver who wants to be in control, or a six gear automatic option for some smooth sailing.

    Especially spacious

    For the driver who just needs that little bit more, the Polo Sedan is the way to go. With a whopping 454 litres of boot space, the possibilities are endless with the newest in the Polo range. The seats are designed with revolutionary cloud trim headrests to create that race car feel and provide extra stability in the event of a collision and the RCD R340G radio with its full colour touchscreen provides a vivid interface doing justice to the vivid drive.