Caravelle 6.1

The Caravelle

The ultimate car for family holidays, the Volkswagen Caravelle is the carrier for you.

Model Range

Caravelle Highline


A transporter with a twist

Don’t limit yourself to the tar road with Volkswagen’s dynamic 4motion technology. The 4motion software automatically senses the terrain and regulates engine power to each wheel, allowing you to go anywhere and everywhere without breaking the bank. A sophisticated differential lock can be put to good use off-road, meaning that you can make your own path and bring along the family.

Spacious like never before

Seating up to seven people, the Volkswagen Caravelle prioritises your comfort, which is why the Caravelle comes equipped with seats that can rotate 360 degrees. This allows for easy conversation on long road trips, making them more fun than ever. For more luggage area the back seats can be completely removed, giving you access to tie downs. With the Caravelle, you will never run out of space.

Next steps

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