Pupkewitz Motors sponsors #Pledge4Pink Golf Day

Pupkewitz Motors has partnered with Namibia Cricket in their pledge to raise funds for breast cancer in Namibia. The aim of this initiative is to try and raise N$ 1 000 000.00.

#Pledge4Pink falls well within the parameters of our current motto, ‘We care to serve Namibia.’ You cannot go to war without the right artillery. Giving our people what they need to be able to detect cancer early, can lead to many lives being saved.

The Namibian government is not always in the position to pay for these initiatives, so it is up to Companies like Pupkewitz Motors to come to the table. Charity starts at home, saving lives, starts at home. We want to save lives, and it starts at home, here in Namibia.

The Pupkewitz Motors #Pledge4Pink Golf Day also gives us an opportunity to bring our community together and connect with our customers in more meaningful ways and raise funds for this worthy cause which is vital to increase survival rates.

Do not be scared! We would like to encourage women to go for regular checkups. It is about focusing on the fight and not the fright. The more you know, the more you can do early on.

We would therefore encourage the Namibian public to please take our hand in support and join the Pupkewitz Motors #Pledge4Pink Golf Day by entering a team.

Pupkewitz Motors #Pledge4Pink Golf Day is set to take place on 3rd September 2021.

Let’s stand together because together we can beat this, one small step at a time.

Pupkewitz Motors Golf Day | Pledge4Pink

Do you want to enter a team for the Pupkewitz Motors #Pledge4Pink Golf Day? We appreciate your support. Please contact Natalia Nauyoma under marketing@cricketnamibia.com or 081 122 7193.