What are the benefits of fitting an Aftermarket suspension?

A question we at Ironman4x4 Namibia get asked quite a lot!

Let me take you through the process so we can understand better.

Upon designing a vehicle the Manufacturer insures that the vehicle suspension is performing admirably as of the showroom floor. Now you ask why change it? There are a couple of reasons why people start looking at suspension options.

​Most 4x4 enthusiasts start to add accessories to their vehicles. The general accessory list normally involves Canopy, added Fuel Tank, dual battery systems, towbar and spotlights. In order to fit these, clients either opt for a Nudge bar or a Full replacement bulbar. Some clients go further and fit a roof rack either on the canopy or the vehicle and in some instances both! Now all these accessories create added weight.

The OE The manufacturer obviously did not cater for this additional weight the pick up is carrying. Can the OE Suspension handle the weight? Sure in most instances it can, but the vehicle ground clearance is drastically reduced due to the weight and the biggest issue is Handling.

The suspension becomes too soft and the following issues will come to the forefront, Bottoming out on graver roads (The harsh impacts are very bad for the vehicle and its components. The vehicle will also start leaning in bends and the handling becomes greatly affected.

​Now, this is where the suspension comes into play. With aftermarket suspension you have the following options you can fit your vehicle and increase ride height by around 40 to 50mm. You can fit load specific Leaf springs and coils to your vehicle, thus you can ensure the correct spring rating is fitted for your personal needs. 

In addition, the aftermarket shocks are a bigger bore and specifically valved for the additional load rating of the springs, insuring they work perfectly and give you the best ride and handling for your setup, Some Aftermarket manufacturers even give you the option of different valving on the shock ensuring you can even customize your needs more.

You normally get a Soft, Standard and Professional valving according to your needs and the weight of the vehicle. The technology on shocks has also drastically improved, and we now have Foam cell technology, external canister, Rebound and Compression adjustable and bypass shocks that can be fitted to ensure every need of the client is met. 

​So in short, there is a solution for everyone! The suspension options available will ensure the client’s individual needs are met and his vehicle will perform admirably with the added accessories. This will ensure a safe, comfortable journey for him. Most major Aftermarket manufacturers also offer a warranty structure.

As you can understand the beginning point is to listen to your client's needs before any fitment can take place. It is also of utmost importance that you find out exactly what the client wants from his vehicle. Once his needs are met, one can fit the correct suspension with correct load ratings, shock technology and valving.

My rule of thumb is: Take your time with the client to ensure you fit the correct suspension!

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