Ironman Accessories

At Pupkewitz Motors we supply the toughest vehicles to take on the harshest conditions. Total off-road capability is the name of the game. To match the tough standard of quality set by our rugged vehicles we’ve teamed up with Ironman 4X4 to provide you with the most powerful array of accessories available.

The Ironman selection

Ironman 4X4 offers high-strength, purposed accessories to make sure that you’re prepared for the most challenging conditions. From suspension, coils and springs to winches, bull bars and fridges, Ironman 4X4 has what it takes to prepare you for the outdoors. With a selection of camping aids and rugged additions to make your car a tailor-made trailblazer.

The Ironman legacy

Originally founded in 1958 in Melbourne, Australia, Ironman 4X4 has grown into a global product. With standards necessary to cope with the harshest conditons across the Australian continent, Ironman 4X4 has a unique understanding of what it takes to handle the most punishing off-road conditions.