The importance of accessories for off-road adventures in the Koakoveld and Damaraland. 

​The team had the opportunity to travel to Koakoveld & Damaraland. We were eagerly awaiting the day of our departure and could barely sleep the night before. As the day of our departure came closer, we had to sit and plan to make sure our equipment was ready and to see which places we would travel to. Planning is crucial as Koakoveld covers an area of 115 250 square kilometers and there are a lot of spectacular places to see and experience. Apart from all the beautiful places, it is a harsh, dry, and desolated place therefore one must make sure the vehicle and equipment are ready for the expedition. 

We packed carefully and made sure we had sufficient fuel, water, and food. We had a Front Runner Slimline II roof rack fitted to the Rhinocab canopy. Fitted to the roof rack was a Front Runner double jerry can holder with two 20liter jerry cans, supplying us with extra 40liter diesel. It was convenient as we needed to refuel in Sesfontein but they had no fuel, luckily the 40L diesel was sufficient to get us to the next fuel station. In addition, we had a gas bottle holder and a 40L Front Runner plastic water tank fitted to the roof rack which came in handy during the nights we had to do wild camping. The Ironman4x4 Ice Cube fridge/freezer kept our steaks cold during the day and ready to be grilled in the evenings.

We did some wild camping under the beautiful Milky Way. There is something magical about sitting next to a crackling fire in the middle of nowhere with just the bare necessities. Something primal, a “back to the roots” kind of feeling. Our bare necessities included the Ironman4x4 LED headlamp, deluxe lounge camp chairs, and swag sleeping bags to make sure we had a good night’s rest.

Koakoveld and Damaraland are known for challenging roads and travel conditions. At times one would drive down the soft and swampy Hoarusib river with a crystal-clear stream of water constantly flowing and other times down the treacherous, rocky Divorce pass. Making sure your vehicle is kitted and ready for these extreme conditions is of utmost importance therefore we made sure the Hilux Legend 50 was fitted with an Ironman4x4 Foam Cell Pro suspension and Pro Forged Upper Control Arms. Staying true to its name “Pro”, the suspension handled the extra weight, challenging riverbeds, and rocky hills like a Pro. The Ironman4x4 replacement bumpers in the front and rear made sure our approach and departure angles were covered.

No off-road adventure is complete without a serious challenge. We got two simultaneous punctures in the right front and rear tires driving down the Divorce pass on our last day. Luckily the Ironman4x4 Hi-Lift Jack and tire repair kit made sure we could overcome our challenge without too much of a hassle.

In hindsight, this trip outlined why having the right equipment and accessories is extremely important. What a way to tick off a place on your bucket list!