Rooftop Cargo Storage Bags

Ironman Rooftop Storage Bags

Ironman 4x4 Rooftop Cargo Storage Bags Available from Ironman 4x4 Namibia

These weatherproof cargo storage bags mount to your vehicles roof rack, luggage basket or tray and are manufactured from 500D weatherproof PVC, with tear-resistant fibres.

Heavy duty tie down straps and buckles offer a secure and quick mounting system. Chunky water resistant zips together with the built-in velcro overlap, keeps your gear safe and secure from the harsh conditions of the outdoors.

The Ironman 4x4 roof top cargo storage bags are easy to load and unload and are now available in 5 different sizes.

You can get your Ironman 4x4 Rooftop Cargo Storage Bags at Ironman 4x4 Namibia Dealers