Honda CBR

From surprising performance to adrenaline-fuelled excellence, the CBR range provides the perfect package for every rider.

A tradition of excellence

From its first release, the CBR range has been blazing trails in the motoring world, and the all-new CBR models from Honda have improved on this tradition. The CBR range encompasses the desires of a wide variety of riders, with models that come in a variety of engine sizes.

Designed to adapt

Updated looks and consistently improved-upon performance have stood the test of time, meaning you won’t have to look much further to find the bike of your dreams. Just have a look at the range below to find your perfect match.

Find the CBR for you

The Honda CBR125 is a solid and reliable starter bike if you’re learning the ropes, while the Honda CBR600 is a perfect merging of handling and power. At the top-end of the range is the CBR1000RR SP, which features the best in terms of Honda’s development and technology.

Come on down today and try out the Honda CBR range, you won’t be disappointed. 

Honda Street Range

The Honda Street range has been updated to bring you the best in terms of urban riding and performance. The Street range is designed with the city in mind, and our three models, the NC750X, the NC750XD and ACE 125 will allow you to take on urban environment safely.

The ACE 125

If you’re looking for a practical motorbike, perfect for deliveries and getting around then the ACE 125 is what you’ve been waiting for. The redesigned seating allows for an enhanced carrying capacity and with Honda’s well-known reliability backing you up, maintenance and running costs will be kept to a minimum.

The NC750X

The NC750X is the perfect partner for riding in town and out of town. Its compact design combined with an efficient application of internal space means despite its size, efficiency is guaranteed. The high seating position, reinvigorated design and LCD display will give you the confidence to explore anywhere in style.

The NC750XD

The NC750XD is the big daddy of the Street range, its powerful engine and updated look showcases the latest and greatest Honda has to offer. The NC750XD is equipped with a dual-clutch transmission, new and improved software and a fresh look. You can be certain of its build-quality because it is still built in Japan to this day.

Dual Purpose

For a rugged ride, there’s only one clear choice.

Designed to handle anything

The Dual Purpose Range of Honda motorcycles were designed with one thing in mind, to handle anything and everything that come their way. The rugged and unpredictable landscapes that make Africa so beautiful will be easily accessible with the powerful and reliable motorcycles.

Honda reliability, Honda performance

You’ll be able to find your perfect bike, from the entry level Honda XR125 with a time tested engine and performance track record, to the beefy Honda CRF1000L ABS AFRICA TWIN with the latest features and driving technology on the market. The Dual Purpose range is imbued with the convenience and reliability that has made Honda a global brand and you can be certain that maintenance and repairs will be a few and far between.

Live a little

Step out of your comfort zone in the all-new Dual Purpose range from Honda, we’re confident that these powerful and determined motorcycles will get you to where you want to go with style and performance coming standard with every ride.

Come on down to our branches located in Windhoek, Oshakati and Swakopmund to try out one of our Dual Purpose motorcycles today.



Honda Scooters

Quality Scooters

Need a fast way to get around that won’t break the bank? Then Honda’s awesome range of scooters should be your first choice. Not only are they fuel efficient but with features like electric starts and front disc brakes packed into their sleek design, operating them is as simple as can be.

Think smart, ride smart

With Honda’s high-quality scooters you’ll be able to beat the traffic, keep costs down and get to where you want to go quickly. The build quality you’ve come to know and trust with the Honda brand is imbued in every inch of each of our Scooters. Honda is renowned for building bikes that last, and this translates to all of our vehicles, big or small.

Travel light, rule the road

For a reliable and efficient means of transportation come try out our new range of scooters. Whether you’re looking for a faster way to get to work, a present for a new rider or just to change up your motoring lifestyle then Honda should be your first pit stop.

For scooters that are a cut above the rest, head down to Pupkewitz Honda and experience our range of Honda scooters today.

Honda Enduro

Spearheading design

Honda’s exciting range of Enduro bikes is designed to give you the edge when tackling hills and rugged climbs. The Honda design team has worked closely with the AMA and European MX1 teams to bring you Enduro bikes that are influenced by the best in the business and you can feel it every time you ride one of our outstanding bikes.

It just keeps getting better

With Honda’s history of design excellence and a commitment to building vehicles that exceed customer expectations, we are confident that the newest additions to the Honda Enduro family will never let you down. We constantly try to improve on our previous models with precise and practical design changes always evident in the newest versions of our tried and tested Enduro bikes. Features fully adjustable Showa rear shocks and front forks on the CRF450RX model are just some examples of the improvements you can expect from our Enduro range.

Packed with excitement

Electric starts, improved power-to-weight ratio and shorter exhausts mean that your riding experience on the track and off will be the best it has ever been.

For a bike that looks great and performs beautifully, try out the all-new range of Honda Enduros today.

Honda Moto-X

Winning design

The Honda Moto-X range has been carefully designed by the motocross industry’s best to give you a motorcycle that performs under pressure and never lets you down. You can see it in the results on the racetrack, with the Honda team winning the first five motocross meets in the Japanese Motocross Championships this year alone.

Timeless Performance

Available in both 450cc and 250cc, the Honda Moto-X range will allow you to tailor your purchase according to your exact specifications and desires. With our variety in models and engine sizes, one thing remains constant with Honda, unparalleled performance and quality that you can depend on.

Functional features

The EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) has been added to the features of the Moto-X range and a new improved chassis design means that you’ll get better performance on and off the track. Our redesigned shorter exhausts make gas flow more efficient and our competition-winning engines will give you the edge when you need it most. Even the fuel tank has been improved upon, with the latest range of Moto-X bikes boasting better power to weight ratios and better handling.

So come on down to Pupkewitz Honda today to try out one of our exciting Moto-X bikes.



Honda Kids

The Honda Kids range is perfect for any beginner biker or budding motorcycle enthusiast. These motorcycles have been designed to let even the youngest rider fall in love with the thrill of biking.

The CRF50F

The CRF50F is easy to operate with an automatic clutch, low seating position and a smooth four-stroke engine. The CRF50F’s straightforward design and simple operation mean that even the littlest member of the family can join in on the fun when you decide to go out on a family excursion.

The CRF110F

The CRF50F’s big brother, the CRF110F is perfect for kids between the ages of 8 and 11 and is considered to be a perfect stepping stone for larger bikes. Its four-speed gearbox, automatic twin-clutch transmission and the improved engine will give your child the confidence to take on hills and bends with ease.

The CRF125F

The CRF125F is the largest model available in the Kids range but is still designed with younger riders in mind. An electric start and improved suspension make the CRF125F easy to use, while its low-end torque gives novice riders the confidence and ability needed to handle larger trips and eventually larger bikes.

Come on down to Pupkewtiz Honda today to find a bike that suits everyone in the family.

Honda ATV/Utility

Adaptable and reliable

If you’re in the market for a reliable yet rugged ATV that will meet every challenge, then Honda’s range of ATV/Utility vehicles are just for you. The ATV/Utility Range has two engine sizes, with the smaller TRX250TM being perfect for the rugged conditions of Africa while the TRX420FA6 flaunts the power to handle any situation.

Function meets performance

The TRX250TM has been designed to be functional in the truest sense of the word, with an ergonomic seating design and control layout as well as various loading spaces at the front and rear.The lightweight fuel tank can carry 9.1 litres of petrol, meaning that running out of petrol on long trips will be a thing of the past. The light throttle and responsive engine mean that the TRX250TM will deliver when you need it to every time.

Take it to the next level

The bigger and bolder TRX420FA6 has more power when you need it but just as much functionality. Its 4x4 capabilities are further enhanced by its durable frame and soft suspension, giving you the confidence to tackle even the most rugged of terrains. The TRX420FA6 comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission that even has a reverse gear in case you need it.

For rugged reliability and unparalleled performance, try out the all-new range of ATV/Utility vehicles from Honda today.