Pupkewitz Haval|GWM lending a helping hand to the future of our country – our children!

Together with Unisocial Namibia, Pupkewitz Haval has embarked on a journey to lend a helping to the Windhoek community. Since September 2020 we have partnered with Unisocial to assist in various schools and children’s orphanages with food and other school items. Some of the schools/orphanages that benefited were Otjimuise Primary School, Augheikhas Primary School, Dordabis Primary School, Olof Primary School, Hope Village and Tobias Hainjeko Primary School. This was as much a social responsibility as staff motivation and teamwork effort. It was great to see our staff so excited to see the company they work for give back to their community.

We care to serve Namibia has been and still is a fulfilling journey for our teams within and outside of the company. A big thank you to Unisocial Namibia, Gloria Guillaume and her team for allowing us to be part of this journey with them.