P Series Commercial Single Cab From N$ 369,634

Model Range


    2.0TD SX 4x2 6MT S/C

    From N$ 369,634

    2.0TD DLX 4x2 6MT S/C

    From N$ 389,634

    2.0TD SX 4x4 6MT S/C

    From N$ 414,634

    2.0TD DLX 4x4 6MT S/C

    From N$ 434,634

    GWM Commercial Single Cab

    Introducing a new model from the component GWM P-Series of bakkies, the GWM Commercial Single Cab. This bakkie is true to its P-series roots, a reliable, powerful and practical workhorse that will stand the test of time. Available with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox in 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive options, the Commercial Single Cab offers an outstanding load capacity, which means you can haul anything with ease.

    A single cab bakkie with an impressive load capacity

    Safety comes standard with the Commercial Single Cab, featuring advanced features like collision automatic unlock function, ASR, HBA (hydraulic brake assist), TCS (traction control system) and more. Its handsome exterior style and generous load capacity as well the ample interior of the P-Series Commercial Single cab make it an ideal vehicle for any haul.

    It’s about enjoying the finer things in life

    Make the most of your driving enjoyment with a sunroof that lets you improve your air circulation and interior lighting. Its trendy black interior and vibrant 3.5” instrument display with intelligent connectivity alongside its leather-wrapped steering wheel make it a stylish workhorse.

    Reach out to Pupkewitz GWM to book a test drive and prepare to experience the Commercial SC for yourself.