King TeeDee Teams Up With Pupkewitz Haval & GWM

MARTIN Morocky, known as King Tee Dee, was last week announced as the brand ambassador of the Haval Jolion, the newest urban SUV from the Chinese automotive manufacturer.

The car brand is owned by Pupkewitz Motors in Namibia.

King Tee Dee will be responsible for promoting the vehicle and brand through various media and social media platforms.

The ambassadorship came due to the artist's ability to create a community, engage customers, deliver brand messages, provide feedback, and his visibility, the car dealer said.

The six-month contract will see King Tee Dee attending events and social responsibility outreaches.

The artist on social media said: “Coming together is the first step, staying together is the next step, and working together to achieve the same goal is the final part of the process.”

Claudia Starzacher-Dennis, the marketing manager of Pupkewitz Motors, says they are striving to serve their communities, no matter where they are, but with King Tee Dee they can go one step further.

“When choosing someone to represent our brand, we look at whether the personality connects to our team and shares the values of our brand – in this case Haval and GWM cars,” she says.

Starzacher-Dennis says Pupkewitz Motors and King Tee Dee's paths crossed during a corporate social responsibility programme they participated in in December 2021 with his Mshasho Trust.

After this event, Poiyah Media suggested a partnership, she says.

Starzacher-Dennis says King Tee Dee is truly Namibian. “As you may know, Pupkewitz Motors has always supported local, and we are proud to be associated with such an esteemed local artist as King Tee Dee.”

She says with King Tee Dee's huge following and influence, they can reach untapped markets that do not know about the Haval and GWM.

Source: The Namibian