GWM Steed 5 SC
GWM Steed 5 DC
GWM STEED 5 SC & DC From N$ 226,440

Model Range


    2.2 MPI Workhorse F/L S/C 4x2

    From N$ 226,440

    2.0 WGT (Diesel) F/L S/C 4x2

    From N$ 258,960

    2.0 WGT (Diesel) F/L Safety S/C 4x2

    From N$ 278,960

    2.0 WGT (Diesel) F/L S/C 4x4

    From N$ 285,200

    2.2 MPI Base F/L D/C 4x2

    From N$ 235,640

    2.2 MPI SX F/L D/C 4x2

    From N$ 255,640

    2.0 VGT SX F/L D/C 4x2

    From N$ 302,200

    2.0 VGT SX F/L D/C 4x4

    From N$ 325,200

    GWM Steed 5

    Toughness and comfort come together to bring you the new and improved GWM Steed 5.

    Built to be effective

    The Steed 5 is the epitome of adaption with its sturdy frame and dashing looks but it’s not just a pretty face. GWM has thought of everything in the design of this vehicle. The Steed 5’s loading bay uses double insulation to protect itself from even the most intense loads and multiple tie-down points make it the ultimate car for any situation.

    GWM Steed 5 DC
    GWM Steed 5

    Optimum performance

    GWM brings both power and performance together under the hood to bring you the 2.2 litre petrol and the 2 litre diesel engines. These motors, in combination with GWM’s smooth 5-speed manual transmission, deliver performance at an optimal price. If petrol isn’t your preferred motor GWM also offers a 2 litre variable geometry turbo-diesel. This engine comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox and will give you all the muscle you’ll need.

    Priority safety

    The Steed 5’s power output is matched by GWM’s array of safety features. Not only do all vehicles come equipped with dual front airbags but also top of the range ABS and EBD technology, making a car that is not only all-purpose, but also safe for you and your family.

    Give us a call or come down to the dealership to test drive the all-new Steed 5 today.