GWM Tank From N$725 950

Model Range

    TANK 300 2.0T 8AT 4X4 SUPER LUXURY From N$ 725,950
    TANK 300 2.0T 8AT 4X4 ULTRA LUXURY From N$ 775,950
    TANK 300 HEV 2.0T 9HAT 4X4 SUPER LUXURY From N$ 851,950

    Presenting the GWM Tank 300: Conquering Namibian Terrain

    Prepare to conquer the diverse landscapes of Namibia with the rugged and capable GWM Tank 300. Proudly offered by Pupkewitz GWM, this SUV exemplifies adventure and reliability, perfect for exploring the vast terrains of Namibia. Its boxy design and robust build ensure that no obstacle stands in your way as you unleash your adventurous spirit across Namibia's breathtaking landscapes.

    Unrivaled Versatility and Luxury

    Experience luxury and performance like never before with the GWM Tank 300. As part of the GWM product lineup, this SUV promises a seamless blend of comfort and capability, ideal for Namibian roads and beyond. With its innovative features and competitive pricing, the Tank 300 is set to redefine your driving experience. Adapt to any driving conditions Namibia throws your way with the versatile GWM Tank 300. Whether navigating city streets or venturing into the wilderness, this SUV effortlessly handles every terrain with confidence. Its advanced technology and sturdy construction ensure reliability and performance on every journey.


    Your Ultimate Off-Road Companion

    Join fellow adventurers across Namibia who trust the GWM Tank 300 as their ultimate off-road companion. From urban explorations to off-grid adventures, this SUV delivers unmatched performance and style. Stand out on Namibian roads with the Tank 300's impressive capabilities and striking design. Whether cruising through Windhoek or traversing the Namib Desert, this SUV ensures a comfortable and exhilarating ride. Discover the perfect balance of power, comfort and style as you embark on your next Namibian adventure.

    Ready to explore the wonders of Namibia behind the wheel of the GWM Tank 300? Visit Pupkewitz GWM, your trusted dealership in Namibia, to test drive this exceptional SUV.