R nineT Racer From N$205 200

R nineT Racer

For a classic approach to riding that will make you stand out, try the all-new R nineT Racer.

A classic reborn

Taking its cue from an era of racing bikes that epitomised innovative design and beauty, the R nineT Racer is making waves as a retro-styled race bike. Have a look at its sweeping half-shell fairing as well as the smooth body contours and you’ll see a bike that has retained the spirit of old.

Retro style, modern performance

The retro appeal of the R nineT Racer will make anyone turn their head with a distinctive design and impressive performance that are rare in the modern barrage of superbikes and tourers. If you’re different by design then the all-new R nineT Racer is the bike for you.

Modify it with ease

The R nineT Racer comes with ABS that can be switched on and off at the touch of a button and is fully customisable with a modular design that makes modifications easy.

Test drive the R nineT Racer today.