F900 R N$ 196 700

Introducing the New BMW F 900 R

The F 900 R’s minimalist and stylised design is the epitome of intimidation right from the get-go. With F 900 R is a bike that craves a challenge and is begging to be put to its paces, with a craving for high-precision performance.

Intuitive performance that never stops challenging.

This intuitive bike makes you feel at one with the road and supports all your needs with its cutting-edge onboard technology, from lighting to safety and technology and connectivity. The F 900 R is a bike that gets you.

Bold and ready for unforgettable adventures.

This muscular bike is as strong and powerful as it looks, with a formidable design that implies it surely means business. Its tank is located near the front to deliver a short tail and optimal mass distribution, with a compact underfloor silencer to enhance its sleek aesthetic.

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