Great Wall Autos in South Africa

On February 25, 2007, 1,500 units of Great Wall vehicles reached the port of Durban, South Africa, ready to be sold across the country. Among them, Hover and Wingle brands account for the main part of the new arrivals, and others include Sing and Sailor. In March 2007, with the first batch of Great Wall vehicles sold in South Africa, Great Wall Motor’s sales endeavor to South Africa market began. As one of China’s largest auto exporters in South Africa, Great Wall Motor Co Ltd has sold 12,000 units of vehicles in the country, and they are well received.

Great Wall Motors (SA) (PTY) Limited is Great Wall Motor Company’s powerful sole agent in South Africa. Because Great Wall’s products are reliable and suited to local conditions, they have been trusted by local users, said head of the agent company when talking about Great Wall Motor’s development in the country. Hovers, with trendy shape and fine workmanship, have attracted many young people there. The positive image will surely boost the sales of Great Wall vehicles in South Africa.

In just 18 years, Great Wall Motor Company Limited is fast becoming one of China’s largest private transnational corporations from just a auto-refitting works in 1990. In 2007, its auto production capacity reached 400,000 units. At present, it is one of China’ s largest pickup and SUV manufacturers, boasting 30holding subsidiaries and 20000 employees, and four auto production bases –focusing on pickups, cars, SUVs and MPVs.

At the end of 1997, Great Wall Motor sold the first batch of its pickups to the Middle East, starting to lead Chinese auto enterprises into overseas markets. In 2005, it was listed on the H-share market in Hong Kong, becoming a transnational motor corporation. On September 3, 2006, its CUVs were exported to Italy, the first batch of made-in-China vehicles that entered the European market. On May 18, 2007, with its additional H-shares listed on the share market in Hong Kong, Great Wall Motor’s growth potential become recognized and to be in close pursuit in international capital market.

From 1998, Great Wall’s growth rate in international market has been increased by 90%, leading the country’s exports ever since. To date, its products have been exported to 121 countries and regions, with stable marketing and service channels being established in 81 countries. In 2007, Great Wall Motor’s exports were expanded into additional 32 countries and regions, including Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. At present, its products are exported to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, the Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Caribbean region.

Up to now, it has established 64 franchised outlets in South Africa and will total 80 outlets by the end of this year. In March 2008, Great Wall Motor Co Ltd launched its global logo changing project, and currently, part of its franchised outlets has completed the logo change. It is projected that the overall project of logo changing and the project acceptance will be completed by end of September this year, and a new company image will be up in front of global customers. "We have had good cooperation with Great Wall Motor Company Limited since 2003. Great Wall Motor Company Limited has great potential and will become a leading international automotive manufacturing company. The brand will be successful in South Africa and we will continue our excellent cooperation and communication in the future for the benefit of both companies.

" ”We have achieved very good sales since the launch of Great Wall Motors and its vehicles in 2007It is our strong belief that the brand has a bright future. In less than one year, G W M vehicles have attracted many customers in South Africa because of the good quality and excellent service offered by the brand. With the introduction of the coming passenger cars range into the market, we believe the public will see more Great Wall Motor vehicles with good quality and advanced technology. The Brief Introduction of GWM South Africa "After a long period of research GWM South Africa was launched in March 2007. Its head office is based in Midrand, Gauteng and its logistics and central parts distribution warehouse located in Durban, Kwazulu Natal GWM SA's main aim is to provide honest, reliable and well equipped vehicles to the broader South African market at exceptional prices and with outstanding service levels. Alternatively said, "Affordability need not compromise reliability, specification and customer service.

" GWM SA currently offers a range of vehicles from the standard Single Cab to the Double Cab and the Multi Wagon, together with SUV and 4X4 models and there are plans in place to enter the passenger car markets in the not too distant future. "

Source: https://www.gwm-global.com/news_detail-230.html