GWM Achieves Coveted Global Position in BrandZ Top 20 Chinese Brand Builders 2023

The BrandZ ranking is a globally recognised list of the worlds most valuable brands!

- GWM , a leading automotive manufacturer, is thrilled to announce its remarkable achievement of being ranked as one of the BrandZ Top 20 Chinese Brand Builders for the year 2023. This prestigious accolade reaffirms GWM's commitment to excellence, innovation, and its dedication to building a strong brand presence both domestically and internationally.

The BrandZ Top 20 Chinese Brand Builders 2023 report, compiled by a panel of esteemed industry experts and analysts, showcases the most influential Chinese brands that have successfully established themselves as global leaders in their respective industries. GWM's inclusion in this elite group demonstrates the company's ability to create a lasting impact and solidify its position as a trailblazer in the automotive sector.

It considers multiple factors, such as market performance, consumer perception and brand investment.

Over the years, GWM has consistently demonstrated its unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality vehicles that embody cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and unparalleled safety features. This recognition as one of the top Chinese brand builders further affirms GWM's commitment to providing exceptional products and experiences to its valued customers in South Africa and Globally.

On June 6, GWM released its most recent sales figures. The May, GWM sold 101 020 vehicles. A 26.18 increase year-over-year. 25 131 of these units were sold outside of China.

This recognition not only highlights GWM's success as a brand but also showcases the company's continuous efforts to expand its global footprint and that its global strategy and cutting-edge technology are being respected world wide.

Moving forward, consistent with its forward-thinking philosophy, GWM acknowledges that environmental awareness is a global imperative and attempts to align its operations with responsible practises.

GWM has established a comprehensive portfolio of new energy solutions, including electric, hydrogen, and hybrid vehicles, enabling them to satisfy the diverse requirements of consumers seeking eco-friendly modes of transportation.

GWM is poised to strengthen its position in international markets and leave a lasting mark on the global, as well as South African, automotive industry.

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