Febi Fluids

Keep Everything Flowing Smoothly with febi Fluids

Like the human body, vehicles rely on fluids to perform. Whether its brake fluid, antifreeze, engine oil or transmission oil, febi offers an impressive and extensive range of fluids that keep popular European car brands running smoothly.

Ensure Longevity and Superior Performance

The febi fluids range gives vehicles the lifeblood they need to roar to life and to provide high freezing, corrosion and cavitation protection. In addition to improving the longevity of a vehicle, their specialised fluids possess fantastic lubricating capabilities, have a high resistance to ageing and have the ability to prevent the build up of foam deposits.

Choose Smart Liquids

Intelligent design goes into every drop of febi fluids. Their brake fluid has a high boiling point and terrific flow characteristics and their antifreeze is uniquely created for specific manufacturer requirements for advanced protection.

Not only does their engine oil allows high viscosity at high temperatures for maximised wear protection but their automatic transmission fluids also meet specific requirements set by vehicle manufacturers and have been custom made for the latest generation of 7,8 and 9-speed automatic transmissions.

Chemical Products that Go Further

Whether its should be slippery or sticky, febi’s greases and thread locks do the trick. Their greases are perfect for almost all passenger cars and are valuable to all vehicle applications, constant velocity points and central lubrication systems. Their medium and high strength thread lock models rapidly harden to secure a variety of nuts and bolts with reliable consistency.

Give your vehicles liquid gold.