Have you ever wondered what is the difference between rock sliders and side steps? 


Do you know what they are for or which one you should have for your needs? Not to worry, I’m here to help you out! I have gathered all the information you’ll need about rock sliders and side steps for you.

Rock Sliders and Side Steps are very different. In fact, they are worlds apart. Side steps provide a practical benefit by improving access to your vehicle. While our Gobi-X Rock Sliders are designed to protect the sills/side panels and support the full weight of your 4x4.

What Are Rock Sliders?
This accessory is important when you go off-roading, the primary purpose of rock sliders and what they are designed to do is to at least support the full weight of your vehicle from the underside if need be.
This is particularly useful when you don’t have enough ground clearance and are tackling particularly aggressive rock tracks. Another cool benefit of rock sliders is using them to purposefully use the rock sliders, to “belly slide” your 4wd, across rocks and sand ridges.
One bonus of using rock sliders besides their intended use of helping to protect the underside of your vehicle is you can still use them as a side step, unlike side steps which you definitely cant use as rock sliders!

At its core, rock sliders are designed to provide protection between your vehicle and obstacles you face off-road, making it less likely to take on damage. They are particularly helpful in protecting your sills and lower panels. Once you’ve damaged a sill, you are looking at an expensive repair. So, it’s best to plan ahead and fork out the money for the rock sliders. When you invest in this accessory be sure to use a brand/fabricator with a good reputation like Gobi-X Manufacturing.
Doing your research beforehand will ensure you end up with a product built to last, that can take hit after hit.

Key Features Of Rock Sliders.
Twin-tube construction, with four or more connections between the 2 tubes - Attached to chassis by 3-4 mountings - Normally on an upswept angle - Best for side and sill protection - Sturdy and can take hits all day long - Ridged enough to support the weight of a vehicle - Ability to high lift jack off of them.

When it comes to rugged off-road style and safety, off-road bumpers are designed to deliver both. They keep your ride protected in fender benders, and they give your vehicle an extra attitude. But, available in several different styles to meet your specific needs, how do you know which off-road bumper to choose?
There’s a lot of information out there on off-road bumpers focusing on front replacement bumpers, but not so much on Rear Aftermarket Bumpers.

Yet getting the right Rear Bumper for your off-road Vehicle… is just as important as, choosing a great front bumper.

As simple as they may be, there’s more to Rear Replacement Bumpers than just a hunk of metal bolted on in place of the factory bumper.
Know you’re getting a good Replacement Rear Bumper !!
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