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    Panel Van Caddy Van panel

    Panel Van

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    Sport Van Caddy Van Panel

    Sport Van

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    Caddy Panel Van ​

    Designed to excite

    Volkswagen has built the Caddy Panel Van to be spacious on the inside yet look compact on the outside. The Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van’s aerodynamic build brings something unmatched in other panel vans. A sloping front windshield works together with upward tapering headlights to show both the functionality and elegance of the Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van.

    Both powerful and practical

    Able to take over 800kg of cargo, the Caddy Panel Van is a top contender in the world of commerce. Outfitted with eight lash points you can secure your payload with ease as well as easily load and unload it all thanks to the Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van’s uniquely designed rear door.